What Happened to my Site

13th November 2019

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As some of you may have noticed, my site has been down for pretty long time. All of this started with my host, a host that my friend owned. He let me host my website for free. My host got sold to another owner, and without any notice, suddenly got shut down. And with that, goes my files. I tried contacting the new owner of the host, but he kept ignoring me, even tho he was active on Twitter. I went to my backup drive to see if I could find a backup of my site. But as if the situation about the host wasn't enough, my backup drive was corrupt. I have no explaination why. I know I shouldn't complain about free stuff, but it wouldn't have taken you a single calory to send an email about the shut down and telling us to get our files. But luckily today, I was able to find a copy of my website on my hackintosh. I started improving the design, and adding macOS and iOS dark mode support. I also updated MacBird for you all :) Thank you for your attention!