What is Taking Lime so Much Time

10th December 2019

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Lime, the package manager that got announced for development last year. Yeah, It’s still not out. I’m pretty sure you all know that a lot of stuff outside the internet can take up a lot of time. The whole team are all students who go to school almost every day. Homework, tests, exams etc, are all things take up a lot of time and that we need to prioritize. The team has been searching for developers who would like to help for a long time. We got a lot of offers and accepted a few. As I write this, only a few are active in the chat and willing to help. This has sent us into a dilemma. Do we search for new members, or do we continue with the active ones? We don’t want to add too many members to the team as that will set us in a position where we’ll get known for a team that doesn’t know sh*t. Me and a few others will try our best to release at least one version of Lime. I cannot guarantee you anything. Will we see Lime in 2020? We’ll see.